SERMONS. The sermons preached at the New Market Seventh-day Adventist Church are live streamed each weekend.

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Additionally, recordings of sermons are posted regularly and archived on our YouTube channel throughout the year.

  • Prophecies of Hope is a fascinating, 21-part series on Bible prophecy presented by Dr. Shane Anderson, Senior Pastor of the New Market Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is designed for both newcomers and those with long experience in Bible prophecy.
  • Hosted by international speaker John Bradshaw, It Is Written specializes in Bible-centered presentations designed for people new to the Christian faith.
  • Voice of Prophecy is hosted by prophecy expert Shawn Boonstra. The prophecy resources on the site are among the best available anywhere in the world.
  • Prophecies Decoded is an exciting, 24-part series presented by Pastor Reed Richardi, Associate Pastor at the New Market Seventh-day Adventist Church. The series is designed for both newcomers to Bible prophecy and those of long experience.
  • Amazing Facts is a powerful source for inspiring preaching and prophetic study. Hosted by Pastor Doug Batchelor, this site has resources for all ages.

  • Hope Channel is one of the official media providers for the Seventh-day Adventist Church and provides inspiring Christian programming for all ages, 24-7.
  • EsperanzaTV is the Spanish-speaking version of Hope Channel and provides excellent Christian programming for viewers of all ages.

Living Well is a source of Christian books, DVDs, healthy food, and more. Items purchased online can be shipped directly to our church free of charge.

The Adventist Book Center is the worldwide source for Adventist books, DVDs, multi-media products, and more. Inspiring materials are available here for every age group.