Small Groups

(NOTE: Due to the disruption caused by the pandemic, as well as having many of our small groups transition into one of the two new churches we’ve recently started, our current supply of small groups is lower than we have normally had in the past. We are thus in the process of rebuilding our small group ministry. But in the meantime, we do still offer more than 20 groups as detailed in the links below. Please also check back later on as we continue to re-establish this important ministry of our church.)

Life is better when you’re part of a small group!

Currently, we have groups that can help you know Christ better, groups that can help you study the Bible effectively, and groups that are excellent at building community as you meet new friends.

Here’s how it works:

There are four kinds of small groups at the New Market Seventh-day Adventist Church that you can choose to be a part of:

  • Community Building Groups
  • Study Groups
  • Prayer Groups
  • SuMMiT Groups

Check out any of the links below to find out more about each type of group we offer, or call the church office at 540-740-8550.

Community Building Groups

Community Building Groups are just what they sound like: small groups that focus on making new friends while getting to know Jesus better. Community Building Groups (sometimes called "Social Meeti…

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Study/Support Groups

Our Study and Support Groups can fit any age and any level of previous spiritual experience. Check out the list of groups below to see which ones might be of interest to you! To join any of…

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Prayer Groups

Our main prayer group meets on Wednesday nights at 7:00PM on Zoom. All who are interested in learning more about prayer, the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and end-time events are invited to attend b…

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SuMMiT Groups

The strangely capitalized "SuMMiT" in "SuMMiT Groups" stands for "Self-Managed Ministry Teams." These small groups are ministry workhorses! They choose a definite ministry, and then dedicate the ma…

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