Small Groups

AdvenTure Groups

AdvenTure Groups are small groups that focus on making new friends by doing fun activities together. AdvenTure Group membership is open, and if you’re new to the area or our church and want to make new friends in a fun and risk-free way, check out any of the groups listed below!

To find out more about or to join any of these groups, feel free to contact the group leaders or call the church office at 540-740-8550.

  • Fishing: Mark Mashburn (410-960-5779)
  • Crocheting: Lorraine Young (Call church office)
  • Backpacking: Mike Reedy (540-325-7395)
  • Women’s Exercise and Aerobics: Donna Harley (540-333-3735)
  • Art: Mark Mashburn (410-960-5779)
  • Beginning Sewing & Beginning Quilting: Sara Smith (540-896-7052)
  • Ping Pong: Adam Williams (
  • Healthy Cooking: Mary Farrow (540-740-3210)