Listed below are a variety of resources you can use to learn about Jesus, study the Bible, and discover for yourself what makes the Seventh-day Adventist Church unique:

1-800-HIS-WORD is a number you can call to have your Bible questions answered, or to simply pray with someone. This ministry receives thousands of calls every month from people seeking spiritual information. is the gold standard for answers to Bible questions! There’s an incredible amount of Bible information on this site, including dozens of answers to common questions about God. There’s even a special version of the site just for kids.

For Teens: More About Jesus is an excellent way for teens to learn who God is and what His plans are for their lives. Used by thousands of teens, the lessons on this site are challenging, encouraging, and transforming.

Answers for Me is an excellent Bible study resource! Learn what the Holy Scriptures have to say about your past, present, and future destiny. Learn how to study the Bible for truth and personal guidance. Instant lesson processing and return.

It Is Written Bible Study Guides are some of the best Bible studies available today. Tens of thousands of people have found hope and peace through these powerful lessons.

For Kids: My Place With Jesus is an amazing site for kids to learn about God. Great games, lesson studies about Jesus, and more await any child who visits this resource-full site.

For Teens: Cornerstone Connections is the weekly teen study guide provided by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America. Tens of thousands of teens study these lessons regularly to learn what it means to have Jesus as their Friend and Defender.

The Adult Sabbath School Quarterly is the weekly study guide for the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church. Every Sabbath, millions of Christians around the world study this Quarterly to learn more about Jesus. is treasure chest of Bible facts about the seventh-day Sabbath. Find out the truth about why Adventists go to church on Saturday!

Hosted by Dr. Derek Morris and a panel of energized young adults, Hope Sabbath School is the weekly video Bible study for thousands of people all over the world.

How do Seventh-day Adventists study the Bible? This voted statement gives an excellent, detailed explanation of sound methods for interpreting scripture. Pastor Shane’s guide for how to interpret the Bible covers much of the same material, but in a shorter format.